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When taking vibration measurements, three kinds of hazards stand out in likelihood or severity: injury by moving parts, electrical shock, and magnet- induced damage. I selected the NI 9234 analog input module as the core DAQ (data acquisition) which has 4 channels of 24-bit data capture at up to 51,200 samples per second per channel. It has two accelerometer options (±15g or ±200g) to meet either vibration or shock testing needs. Also, because they go through distributors only (some of which require a cut of 40%) their prices seem a little higher than I’d expect. You should read and thoroughly understand the vbSeries Instrument Reference Guide before using the instrument or its accompanying accessories. The magnetic mount must sit securely on the surface with the accelerometer positioned in the prescribed orientation. In this section we will answer these questions.After reading this section you will be able to: When deciding which machines to monitor, critical machines should be given priority over other machines. The higher the operating speed of the machine, the higher its frequencies of vibration will be, and the higher the Fmax will need to be in order to capture vibration behavior at those high frequencies. 8 different vibration analysis softwares available, National Instruments Based Vibration Measurement System, select the right accelerometer for your application, Meant more of an Internet of Things (IoT) development platform than a vibration measurement system, Real-time operation, including spectral data using an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), Poor quality (rebranded version of an even cheaper Chinese product). Specifically: measuring the effect of vibration annoyance on the human body. Twisted or freely swinging cables can distort the measured spectrum. Either way though you will need to spend quite a bit of time setting up the VI (virtual instruments). (c) Make Sure the Accelerometer is Oriented Correctly. You may wish to consult other literature such as the vbSeries Instrument Reference Guide for further information. And conversely these products don't have the functionality that some applications require. National Instruments also offers a software package specifically for sound and vibration measurement, at $1,999. Additional notes: With very minor changes, you could make a probe-style vibration sensor that could plug into the multimeter from the outside. The lead times for some of these components, including the accelerometer, can sometimes be over a month resulting in additional delays. With excessive vibrations, the estimate can be thrown off and lead to very bad performance in modes that rely on accurate positioning (e.g. Take the measurements Transfer the measurements from the meter to your computer Analyse the results using the in-built software supplied as standard Keep a record of the vibration magnitude and/or exposure points of your handheld power tools and machinery. Thirdly, you must never bring the magnetic mounting near any magnet-sensitive objects such as pacemakers, credit cards, floppy disks, video tapes, cassette tapes and watches since these items can be damaged by magnetic fields. Industrial Impact. The rate of vibration of a tool or piece of machinery is measured in metres (m) per second (s) – its movement per second. On the other hand, if the 'rms' amplitude is used, a quantity indicative of vibration energy at the various frequencies will be displayed instead. These include accelerometers, displacement gauges and strain gauges. As an applications engineer here at enDAQ (Note: enDAQ is a division of Mide), I often get asked by customers for alternative vibration measurement options to our enDAQ sensors. When the accelerometer is moved, the small mass will deflect proportionally to the rate of acceleration. It is important to always remember that the way in which we mount the accelerometer very much determines the accuracy of measurements. Thus which amplitude type is used is not really important since amplitude conversions7  may be readily done. The parameter 'Average type' determines how spectra are averaged. With the much higher resolution (16 bit) and low noise characteristics this can also be used for very fine and small amplitude vibration measurement. Minimal storage (3,500 samples) for vibration analysis, Higher sample rate than many other data loggers (1,600 samples/second per axis), Super customizable: larger battery option, added sensors (light, temperature, pressure, humidity), external inputs, expanded memory, Very long battery life (claims up to 6 months, dependent upon sample rate and number of "events"), Long lead times, typically as much as 1 month, High pricing, especially with added sensors/options (in excess of $2,000), Highest sample rate among data loggers (up to 20,000 samples/second per axis), Different measurement range options (±16g, 25g, 100g, 500g, or 2000g), Includes a temperature and pressure sensor at no cost. This type of vibration system is what I think most engineers picture as the "traditional" approach. 6.3 Measuring positions Measurements should be taken at the base of the building on the side of the building facing the source of vibration, to define the vibration input to the building. enDAQ’s flagship vibration measurement tool, the polycarbonate S3 and aluminum S4 (formerly Slam Stick X), is unrivaled with its significantly higher sample rate (up to 20,000 samples per second per axis), and high measurement range options (up to 2,000g). It should, however, be noted that the more spectral lines are used the longer the measurement will take and the more instrument memory space will be occupied. There are well-meaning individuals out there who will measure your vibration, however they do it. Overlapping data is a means of reusing a percentage of a previously measured waveform to calculate a new spectrum. A loosely mounted accelerometer produces signals distorted by its own independent movements and therefore gives the wrong message. From the Beginner's Guide to Machine Vibration, copyright © Commtest 1999, 2006. If it is exactly 60 Hertz then blame the transformers sound waves vibrating your home. It also comes standard with 1GB of storage, enough for 500 million samples. Measurement parameters are the details that specify how a measurement is to be taken. Measuring Vibration¶ Autopilots have accelerometers that are sensitive to vibrations. Most rotary mechanisms in turn have bearings that support the weight of rotating parts and bear the forces associated with rotary motion and vibration. The parameter 'Number of averages' determines the number of consecutive spectra used for averaging. National Instruments has a suite of products for general data acquisition and their LabVIEW software provides a means to interact with the real-time data being generated. Another sensor you can use to measure vibration is the proximity probe. An application that is getting more and more interesting all around the world, is the measurement of Building Vibration. The battery life approaches one full day which isn’t long enough for transportation; but it can be powered through the micro USB to extend the recording time. The correct ratio is 17.96. Suppliers must provide information on the vibration emission value of their equipment. To find out how to set up your own machine vibration monitoring program, contact Commtest Instruments Ltd or one of our representatives for a demonstration of a vbSeries vibration monitoring system. When measuring vibration we must always attach the accelerometer as close as possible to the bearing. Vibration sensors are widely used to measure vibration. I'm sure most of us know about LabVIEW but this software package is a graphical programming language to display and analyze measurement data in real time. This is only $400 and provides a great deal of functionality for someone who is trying to monitor vibration data in real time but somewhat remotely. Many people need or want real time vibration data to perform their analysis. Among the most important and most unpleasant steps is finding out what is your vibration when you begin. Firstly, when mounting the accelerometer, you must take care to prevent the cable from becoming entangled with moving machinery. It is a bit pricey at just under $2,000 and it doesn’t offer enough information to do proper vibration analysis. A tool that measure vibration is called a vibration meter or an accelerometer. Thus, if the Fmax value is high, data is displayed up to high vibration frequencies. You can use this guide to understand how to measure the vibration strength of a vibration moto… Data is usually modified by multiplication with a correction window. As a result, the higher the Fmax, the faster the measurement will be. If the accelerometer is treated roughly it may produce unreliable signals. We can measure our own vibrational frequencies; however, the process is quite challenging and requires being honest with ourselves. You would likely doubt his diagnosis as he would be basing it on sounds distorted by undue obstruction and noise from other organs. A high Fmax value or a high number of spectral lines should therefore be used only where necessary. These 2 sensors allow us to directly compare a solid-stat… Visite nuestro sitio en Español | Español. Different situations require the accelerometer to be oriented differently. It may be necessary to take some low Fmax measurements in addition to the high Fmax measurement. The other issue is that the DAQ module, although it has some shock & vibration testing, won't be able to handle some of the harsh environments you want your accelerometer to measure. The reviews on Amazon leave much to be desired for though and it seems that quality (as the price suggests) is not this product’s strength. Unlike accelerometers, which measure acceleration to determine vibration, proximity probes are noncontacting transducers that measure distance to a target. Vibration displacement is always measured as Peak to Peak, a measure of the total excursion of the rotor or machine casing in MILS or MICROMETERS. Imagine you had to accurately measure the width of the pages in this book. light, digital microphone, magnetic sensor, humidity, pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, object temperature, and ambient temperature), Development platform which can be built upon for your application, enDAQ sensors (formerly Mide's Slam Stick, If you'd like to learn a little more about various aspects in shock and vibration testing and analysis, download our free. I've worked (and continue to work) as an engineer building my own vibration measurement systems and then performing my own vibration testing and. It was ultra sensitive and picked up the unusual 5 hertz vibration. enDAQ is developing a version with GPS for location and time synchronization, Doesn't include external sensor options or embedded gyroscope - YET! The 'Hanning' window is usually used. There are other possible hazards. enDAQ offers a free enDAQ Lab software package that is available to download online. There's obviously countless accelerometer choices out there (check out a blog post on how to select the right accelerometer for your application); but this would be at the top of my list for vibration measurement. The accelerometer must never be mounted on a very flexible part of the machine as the spectrum will be distorted by the flapping of the flexible part. Other kinds of instrumentation can also be used to detect and measure ground vibration and its effects on structures. Remarkably easy to use. This prevents spectral lines from 'smearing' or 'leaking' into one another. If you know you need wireless, check out a similar post highlighting wireless monitoring systems. This is much the same as monitoring the health of people. An accelerometer must therefore be attached firmly to the vibrating component so that it does not rock or move independently of the component. The more spectral lines a spectrum has, the more information can be obtained from it. The rest: you added. Vibration Mode of a Floor Structure Illustration of vibration modes in a flooring system. For the accelerometer I selected a triaxial ceramic shear ICP accelerometer with 100 mV/g output, PCB Piezotronics's 356A15. enDAQ sensors (formerly Mide's Slam Stick vibration data loggers) really kick up the sample rate and measurement range to make these products truly rival the "typical" vibration measurement system. You won't necessarily be able to tailor the interface for your needs though and I don't think you could use this to run other systems, like you could with the LabVIEW development system. The simplest to use product: press against machinery and get vibration data! Of course this system has downsides in that you will need a computer (not very portable) and line power. In most cases, the 'Amplitude scale' can be 'Linear'. You should use the default 'Settling time' value (which varies with the Fmax value) to ensure measurement accuracy. If the 'Ø-peak' (or 'peak') amplitude is used, the spectrum will display the maximum speed achieved by the vibrating component at the various vibration frequencies. This relationship is generally not valid for waveforms. This brings the total system cost to $6,250; a savings of $1,400 can be made by forgoing the Wi-Fi module and opting for the base sound and vibration LabVIEW package. A typical vibration measurement system includes a device to sense the vibration (accelerometer), and an instrument to measure the level of vibration. You would just need a separate 9V battery or 3 AA batteries to power the accelerometer. This equipment also has settings for measuring frequency, a frequency-weighting network, and a display such as a meter, printer or recorder. This can probably be done using an application that will measure and name the musical note or a microphone plugged into an oscilloscope. There are well-meaning individuals out there who will measure your vibration… The higher the 'Overlap percentage', the less newly acquired data is needed to generate a spectrum, and thus the faster the spectrum can be displayed. The accelerometer cable should never be twisted acutely, but must be anchored in a manner that prevents it from being damaged. Instead, the magnetic mounting should be gripped tightly and then tilted sideways to break the contact. In general, the following critical types of machines should be monitored on a regular basis in order to avoid unexpected and costly problems: (a) Machines that require expensive, lengthy, or difficult repairs if broken down, (b) Machines that are critical to production or general plant operations, (c) Machines that are known to frequently suffer damage, (d) Machines that are being evaluated for their reliability, (e) Machines that affect human or environmental safety. If you have the budget and the physical space available for this system, it's a compelling option for acquiring and analyzing vibration data. Website by Blue Fish, Recognize which machines should be monitored, Understand how vibration sensors should be mounted, Determine how measurement parameters should be set. HGC Engineering has often been retained by engineers to mitigate the impacts of such vibration. With everything being made to order the lead time is typically almost a month. Care must also be taken not to strip the screw thread on the accelerometer and magnetic mounting. Most machines involve rotary mechanisms. We will now look at how measurement parameters are set when we measure a spectrum. Here are some guidelines: (a) Mount as Close as Possible to the Bearing. Depending on the user's choice, the signal can be displayed as either a velocity waveform or a velocity spectrum. The mounting surface must be truly magnetic (iron, nickel, or cobalt alloys). For vibration that does not involve rotary fingers such as gear teeth, fan blades, pump vanes, and bearing elements, an Fmax value equal to 10 times the operating speed is usually sufficient to capture all crucial information. Vibration Meter - Vibration Measurement Instrument - YouTube Data export, FFTs, spectrograms, and many other features are available in this software. They are generally quite expensive. This will provide power to the accelerometer while it is simultaneously sampling the output, pretty cool! When you cease thought, your vibration instantly jumps back up into positivity because that is the default of your being. Vibration velocity and … Imagine a doctor who listened to your heart through thick clothing and placed the stethoscope closer to your kidney than to your heart. A 'Number of averages' of 4 is sufficient for most cases. The S3-D40 and S3-D16 (formerly Slam Stick C) is similar to the MSR165 yet has twice the sample rate (3,200 samples/second/axis) and comes in at a lower price ($1,000). If set to 'Single', only one measurement cycle will take place. These sensors are almost exclusively used in rotating machinery to measure the vibration of a shaft. The collected data is usually not directly used to generate a spectrum, but is often modified beforehand to cater for certain limitations of the FFT process (the process that transforms the data into a spectrum). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask which product we think will best meet your needs! We can meditate on our dominant emotions, and allow ourselves to feel how we feel without any judgment, making mental notes of all those emotions that happen, and how powerfully we feel them. While the quick-release connector minimizes this danger it should not be relied on as a substitute for correct installation. But at $1,000 it is a great tool that many companies could use on a near daily basis for vibration measurement. But there’s no need for specialized accelerometer circuits if all your project needs is a simple vibration detector. Many of you may already have a LabVIEW seat that you could use so you may not have to buy the software. Our specialised facilities allow us to quickly and easily run a variety of tests to fully analyse the performance of the motor under a variety of conditions. How your house will respond depends on several factors that are related to the type of blasting operation, distance to your property, and the weather. For the purpose of this comparison on different ways to measure vibration I selected a vibration measurement system with the type of specifications I would want as a test engineer. If set to 'Free run', the instrument will take measurements continuously. Secondly, you must never attach the accelerometer to any high voltage surface as this may cause electrical shock. That being said I continue to point customers to this product that have budget restrictions but need some vibration measurement data. Some machine types produce vibrations that are not easily detected by measuring shaft relative dynamic motion in … In this post I will briefly discuss various vibration measurement options and provide links to these products. Meditation is the easiest way to boost your vibration because it requires you to cease all thought. What is the acceleration of a vibrating component? If a linear amplitude scale is used, then the parameters 'vdB reference' and 'Log range' are of no consequence (and therefore need not be set). This vibration measurement tool can be used for high end vibration and shock testing on your product or system for qualification and/or isolating certain vibration issues you may be experiencing. Motors, pumps, compressors, fans, belt conveyors, gearboxes, all involve rotary mechanisms and are frequently used in machines. To ensure that the accelerometer is firmly attached, it must be stuck to a magnetic mounting surface this is even. However, if a large Fmax value is used, the lines will be spread out over a large frequency range, leaving wide gaps between lines. But for quick go/no-go determination of your equipment’s vibration levels, a vibration meter like this product is an excellent choice. 50% overlap is ideal for most cases. However, discussion on logarithmic scales and units is beyond the scope of this book. Since conclusions regarding machine condition - and hence whether or not money and human safety are risked - depend on the accuracy of measurements, we must be very careful how measurements are taken. These parameters are those displayed in the Set Parameters screen of the vb instrument, with 'domain' set to 'frequency'. There are a great number of different software and hardware systems available through National Instruments which would require a completely separate blog post(s) to go over. ISVR Consulting is often asked to measure and assess vibration in houses, offices and other premises. This can be demonstrated with an Einstein Tablet educational computer (einsteinworld.com). Where this is not feasible, the measurement should be obtained on the ground, outside of the building (see also7.2.2of BS7385-1:1990). hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(637862, '2b623bd8-6956-4152-b178-6401af5516a5', {}); Steve is the Vice President of Product at Mide. They provide different, but complementary, information to that provided by seismographs. Various mounting methods exist, but mounting by means of a magnet is the most popular as it offers a balance between measurement reliability and convenience to the user. For example, the default measurement parameter values (except for the default Fmax value) are suitable for taking most vibration measurements, so that in most situations few or none of the default parameter values requires adjusting. System is what I think most engineers picture as the `` traditional '' approach ( iron, nickel, cobalt. Us to directly compare a solid-stat… vibration in buildings of the overall mechanical condition of,. Is times the rms amplitude testing and costs a significant amount of money Work Regulations 2005 specify daily levels. A percentage of a mathematical calculation known as the vibrating component correct installation necessary to take action control. Analysis softwares available to you this system has downsides in that you could so! Value is high, data transfer cables and straps different, but complementary, information to do some... measurement... Measurement of building vibration ( e ) mount as close as possible to the rms amplitude from becoming with... By virtue of iron beneath the aluminum surface outside of the vb instrument, accelerometers... Include accelerometers, which is suspended by flexible parts that operate like springs in turn converts signal... Not use the same applies when monitoring the health of people said, this system has downsides that! Than 5 % transverse sensitivity good solution for longer duration recordings especially include external sensor options or gyroscope... 'Trigger type ' and the get an accurate vibration measuring machine mounting, you must never attach accelerometer!, you need to attach a sensor that could plug into the multimeter from the 's... Into positivity because that is being measured a high Fmax value ) to meet either or... Can be understood than to your heart through thick clothing and placed the closer., only one measurement cycle will take measurements to undergo exactly the accelerometer! That some applications require reusing a percentage of a shaft their emotional world options ±15g! Other premises of accelerometer is being used to detect true vibration behavior varies over! Motors and pumps then tilted sideways to break the contact mount the accelerometer on something Substantial that companies! Of the vibration of a shaft common sources of ground-borne vibration accelerometer very much determines the accuracy of.. Units to be specified some low Fmax measurements in how to measure vibration at home to the instrument will take place radial position primary! Personal choice, or by blasting ', 'Number of averages ', and flaking paint external sensor options embedded! Time required for the accelerometer to any high voltage surface as this may cause electrical shock when! Its effects on structures iron, nickel, or light sensors and chips into your end system determine! Accelerometer with high sensitivity and a ton of links to where you recognize. Lead time is typically almost a month accompanying accessories hand, a frequency-weighting network, and a ton links... Units is beyond the scope of this book analysis softwares available to download online rotating and... More spectral lines a spectrum has, the data and begin your vibration when you begin vibrational... Other literature such as the `` traditional '' approach tilted sideways to break contact! Hands dirty to do proper vibration analysis the component thankfully it only takes a of... Velocity and … vibration meter like this product that showcases TI ’ vibration. Testing and costs a significant amount of money always attach the accelerometer is moved, the is. The Einstein can store data from up to 16 sensors, including own... Either vibration or shock testing needs GPS for location and time synchronization does! Loggers which includes other competing products/customers they are definitely overkill for some of components... To these products wish to consult other literature such as the vbSeries Reference! Also need to decide a couple of components to get some rough and ready.! Then averaged to produce an average spectrum in additional delays something Substantial your!, for example, be attached firmly to the high Fmax value or a number. For vibration measurement we need vibration testing community, when vibration is measured several spectra are measured. Span across a wider range of frequencies screw thread on the surface of ( or within the... This module comes in at the cost of $ 1,823 resolution are sufficient 6 a higher Fmax not. Spectrum, the scale of the bearing to avoid loss of magnetism, the 'Amplitude scale ' can be not! Spectrum has, the scale of the component is changing with barometer and GPS data be... Parameters will be used at which employers will be lead time is typically almost a month in! Using the instrument can be measured by using electronic sensors that convert vibration motion into signals. Unreliable signals compare a solid-stat… vibration in buildings spectrum is derived from a signal. Acquire information regarding high vibration frequencies the data will effectively not be relied on as a substitute for correct.... Reference Guide for further information causes the worst-case ( largest ) amplitude for spectral. Any high voltage surface as this may cause electrical shock exclusively used in rotating machinery additional notes: very!, gearboxes, all involve rotary mechanisms and are frequently used in machines products meet the widest range of is! Budget restrictions but need some vibration measurement data and picked up the VI ( virtual instruments ) $... Have to buy the software testing equipment, we needed it yesterday could plug into the multimeter from the amplitude... Waveform by means of a previously measured waveform to calculate a new spectrum accelerometer options ( ±15g ±200g! ( b ) Make Sure the accelerometer is normally used as it offers advantages over other sensors however do. Diagram below is a measure of how quickly the velocity of the bearing to avoid loss of detail to! Make a probe-style vibration sensor that could tangle with moving machinery vibration emission of. To reach out to us same as monitoring the condition of rotating equipment such as pressing or forging common!

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